16 residential units.
Sizes between 40-167 m².
Starting at 4,600 Euro per square meter*.
*plus commission (3.57% of the asking price incl. VAT)

The subtly designed corner building is a prime example of the straightforward, Art Nouveau style of the capital.

The two side streets with their historic gas street lamps are part of Friedenau’s microcosm.

Friedenau is a historically grown and well-preserved small-town district, with a good clientele. This is where the world comes together – in the park, in the front garden, in the stairwell, in spacious flats in old buildings with excellent prospects.

Good substance in an extremely charming location that combines many positive aspects of Berlin – but manages to escape the stress completely. Directly connected. Subtly secluded. A tad bourgeois, but all in all extremely adaptive. Truly charming and increasingly becoming a rarity.

Civique offers, what connoisseurs of old buildings desire, with its charming, beautiful and discreet style elements throughout.

The charming rear courtyard is partly landscaped, and the street-side gardens can be used privately by the four ground-floor apartments – a rarity for Berlin.

The spacious 1 to 4-room flats elegantly bridge the gap between the classical and the modern. The combination of central hallways and passage  rooms with attractive floor plans. The apartments are currently only partially occupied by tenants.

Overall, friendly, light and simple – double doors, parquet flooring and fine details such as stucco elements or art nouveau ornamentation round off the unique ambience of this historic building.

Weitläufige Wohnlandschaften mit Flair
Die Einheiten verfügen über schöne Jugendstil-Elemente
Weitläufige Wohnlandschaften mit Flair
Weitläufige Wohnlandschaften mit Flair
Die Einheiten verfügen über schöne Jugendstil-Elemente
Weitläufige Wohnlandschaften mit Flair
Das Treppenhaus mit vielen schönen Jugendstil-Elementen

The beginning of a new chapter.

The house, which is around 100 years old, has always been maintained according to plan and is in a really sound condition.

But it is destined for greater things: With the planned modernisation, further amenities and beauties are to be introduced. All measures are well-considered, thoroughly discussed and planned by the future owners’ association. They cover the following areas:

The façade is to be renovated and painted in a lighter shade. The same applies to the windows.

Exterior facilities
The gardens in front of the house and in the backyard will be redesigned and upgraded.

The walls and stairs will be repainted, and the surface of the steps will be replaced.

Additions to the building
Additional, larger balconies are planned on the side of the street and the courtyard, as well as elevators up to the attic floor. The attic is available for further residential extensions.

Ansicht der geplanten Modernisierung des Eckhauses Benningsenstr. Ecke Stierstr.
Ansicht der geplanten Modernisierung des Eckhauses Benningsenstr. Ecke Stierstr.

Friedenau – beautifully progressive retreat that allows for a better lifestyle than the city centre would allow.

The density of cafés, galleries, Asian restaurants, bookshops, vegan createurs and petite gardens along the roadsides is above average, even for Berlin’s standards.

The infrastructural connections could hardly be better. With the Innsbrucker Platz S-Bahn station within walking distance, the Ring and thus the entire city centre can be reached very quickly. Parallel to the tracks: the city motorway. Straight onto it and out of the city. The metropolitan region in the palm of your hand.

However, it does not peddle on your doorstep, because everything you need is already there: On your morning walk through the neighbourhood, you’ll cross Perelsplatz, where children play and cultured citizens ponder on benches, and stroll over to one of the trendy cafés on Breslauer Platz.

For Lucnhc  head to Seoul Kwan, Berlin’s oldest Korean restaurant, or to the Austrian Weinbeisser for a tasty treat.  In the afternoon, an extensive shopping tour along Schlossstraße. At the weekend: a journey through time to the Art Deco monument of the Cecilia Gardens. Or jogging for cultural studies through the largest allotment garden colony in Europe. Maybe even sitting with your laptop next to the students in the trendy bar GM26. It’s all there. You just have to discover it.


A microcosm of art and culture, avant-garde and bourgeoisie, family and individualism.

With its name, the symmetrically laid-out district refers directly to the German-French peace of 1871 – and brings calm to the bustle today as it did then.

Most of the beautiful old buildings date from the beginning of the 20th century. Most of the beautiful old buildings date from the beginning of the 20th century. Many famous artists such as Marlene Dietrich, Helmut Newton and Günter Grass resided in them – naturally. Currently, with the rediscovery of West Berlin, Friedenau is slowly and officially acquiring a trendy reputation – but at the same time it is also becoming more and more familiar. A healthy mix. Living here is like a continuous little surprise. Because everything is in a state of flux and mostly different than it seems; but you discover a feeling of comfort in everything.

Kultur in der direkten Umgebung

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